Tim & Cathy Herber's 1970 Mustang Mach 1
(from Volume 17, Issue 193)

The story behind the 1970 Mustang Mach 1 you see here is one of a full circle, as Tim and Cathy Herber used to own one like it years ago. The couple grew up in the same neighborhood, and have been together since right after high school. That’s when they got together, bought a Mustang, and just enjoyed cruising around in it. Cathy says, “I knew right away he always had a fascination for Mustangs”. Tim confessed, adding, “Riding in one right off the showroom floor sure got my attention, but seeing the T.V. commercial showing the 1970 Mach 1....well, I knew this was the car for me”. So they bought one. Cathy wasn’t a big fan of the car at first, but after she drove it a few times Tim couldn’t keep her out of the driver’s seat. It seemed Cathy always had an excuse to drive Tim to work, so she’d have the car for the day after dropping him off. That first Mustang was their car for a few years, until it couldn’t accommodate their growing family, forcing them to sell it and buy something larger. However, when parting with the Mustang they said they would buy another one once the kids grew up and moved out of the house.

Thirty years later, with all of their children on their own, they saved some money and searched tirelessly for the right car within their price range. Finally that time had come, which explains the Mach 1 on the cover. Tim and Cathy bought this car on the east coast, drove it a few weeks, and were not quite pleased with it’s performance. So Tim gave his credit card to his oldest son (who is a mechanic), and told him that he wanted it to bark back when it was barked at. What a job he did!

This Mach 1 has a 351 Cleveland motor, 4-speed manual transmission, and a 9-inch rear end with 3.25:1 gears. The engine is a roller motor, with a stock bottom end, nice healthy Comp cam, Edelbrock aluminum heads, ceramic coated Hooker headers, Holley 900 4-barrel carb, and an MSD plug and play distributor. The transmission is stock with a Centerforce clutch, and the differential is stock as well. The interior is stock with the exception of a few gauges in the dash and console, the racing wood grain steering wheel, and of course the tach mounted on the steering column. The fold down rear seat was an option that was ordered with the car, as were the front and rear spoilers and the Shaker hood scoop. The paint is Calypso Coral, which really stands out with the black and chrome items accentuating it. The rims are Magnum 500’s, which are not stock, but Tim thought they always looked real nice on the car. One thing is for sure, their second Mach 1 always gets a lot of attention!

After wanting another Mach 1 for 30 years, they have owned this one for 4 years, and still haven’t been able to let it sit for more than a week. They take it out at least every Saturday night. Tim and Cathy call it their “date night”, but really it is just like the old days....they simply enjoy cruising around in it. CN