Ron Simmons' 1941 Packard Club Coupe (from Volume 12, Issue 133)

Nostalgia has always played a big role in people’s passion for automobiles, and such is the case with Ron Simmons when he came across his newest ride. “Dad was a Packard man”, says Ron Simmons when beginning to talk about his very rare 1941 Packard Club Coupe. “I remember a number of our Packards as a kid. Big and comfortable with lots of room for our family of six. One of the most memorable was the 1941 4-Door Sedan. Born in 1941 and having these memories is what drove me to acquire this Club Coupe”.

Ron’s 1941 Packard is powered by a big block 460 Ford engine bored out .030 over. Behind it is a healthy C6 transmission. The chassis is complemented with a front and rear clip from a 1978 Olds station wagon, with power steering and brakes.

The background for all the stock chrome is a black olive paint job (in the sun you can see the hint of green color). The gray leather Mercedes seats add to the comfort of the 128 inch wheel base as this 4,200 pound piece of early American history cruises down the highway on 20 inch American chrome wheels wrapped with 255/45R20 Nitto tires.

Ron continued by saying “It is fun to drive, as most people don’t have a clue what kind of car it is. Truly, in it’s day, the Packard automobile was in a class of it’s own. I am told by others who know more about the Packard line of cars, this is one of seven 1941 Club Coupes registered”. That seemed quite likely, as while visiting I found that the only 3,430 of the 1941 Packard One Twenty Club Coupes were originally produced, and incidentally had an original price of $1,205.

Ron and Rose Simmons also have an outstanding 1934 Ford Vicky C400 (featured on the cover of our Issue 120), and a 1937 Ford Convertible. Ron told us Street Rodding is his only hobby, and there is nothing he enjoys more than going to shows and mingling with others of like interest. Certainly others like to see Ron come around too, as he has some great cars, and a very likeable personality. CN