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37th Annual Easter Rod Run • March 21st, 2008

Celebrating its 37th Anniversary on Saturday, March 21st, 2008, the Easter Rod Run is one of the oldest running shows in Florida, and as such has certainly solidified itself as a tradition. For years it has been drawing enthusiasts to the Holiday Inn Select in Orlando, located at the north west corner of University Boulevard and Alafaya Trail near the U.C.F. College area.

Having always been held on Easter Weekend it is hard not to associate the arrival of the holiday with having a good time with fellow car nuts. Like Pavlov’s dogs react to the ringing of a bell, many start to salivate at the thought of the glimmering works of automotive art coming together again for some fun.

The event is hosted by the Early Irons of Orlando, who always do a good job of making things run smooth and ensuring everyone feels welcome. Speaking of welcome, despite the event’s “Rod Run” designation, which might lead some to think it is only open to 1948 and older street rods, the Easter Rod Run is an open show that has no set age limitations. If it’s cool, bring it out and have some fun! The Holiday Inn’s parking lot is the site of the show, but with all the oak trees and the winding nature of the grounds it really is a nice, comfortable setting. No judging takes place, and no trophies are given out, so fun is really the emphasis. There are lots of imaginative games hosted, and DJs Butch and Jennifer Johnston of WJBJ Cruisin’ With The Classics make sure things are rockin’. The show also doesn’t flow over onto Sunday, to allow everyone to reserve that for more traditional Easter activities.

We’d like to the thank the Early Irons for hosting another great show, and allowing us to enjoy the holiday in a manner we see fit....checking out cool cars and truck, and hanging out with friends at a great car show. We’ll see you all there next year! CN