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Old Town's 17th Anniversary Saturday Nite Cruise • June 2, 2007

The first Saturday of June has become a special annual tradition for auto enthusiasts in the central Florida area (and those traveling from even further), because that is when Old Town’s world-famous Saturday Nite Cruise celebrates its Anniversary with a big blowout. 2007 marked the 17th Anniversary, and as usual there were plenty of cruisers and spectators in attendance to partake in the party.

Things were looking a little shaky heading into the event however, as tropical storm Barry had just dodged the Kissimmee, Florida area. There was no rain, but the very bad forecast no doubt kept the final car count from being as high as usual for the Saturday Nite Cruise Anniversary. When all was said and done, about 500 vehicles 1972 and older were parked on the premises. That’s a ton, no doubt - but with better weather there would have certainly been a few hundred more as in years past (like last year’s approximately 750 car count). Once again special commemorative license plates were given to all of the participants as they drove their classic car or truck into Old Town on the red brick streets. These plates are certainly collectors items, and cruisers really value them. It is neat to see some of the cruisers proudly displaying all of them they have received over the years - which at the same time shows you the loyalty some have for this event.

Everything is always free to both participants and spectators at the Saturday Nite Cruise, making it one heck of an entertainment value. On the main stage area “Viva” put in some extra sets of music throughout the day to keep things festive, because after all what is a party without great music? There is no judging at Old Town’s Saturday Nite Cruise, so random registration numbers are drawn for the checkered flag winners, with recipients taking home pretty nice prize packages thanks to sponsors.

One thing that has made the Saturday Nite Cruise cool is that they actually cruise the vehicles down the red brick streets starting at 8:30pm. This gives spectators a great opportunity to see all of the cars and trucks in motion, fulfilling not only the visual sense, but also the auditory one as well. With so many vehicles on hand the Anniversary Cruise always lasts much longer than usual, and the crowd lining the long stretch between the shops is many people deep. It truly is quite a spectacle to behold! Much credit goes to the Cruise Staff for making the whole event run smoothly, including orchestrating the movement of so many vehicles in the presence of so many people.

Old Town celebrates the Anniversary of the Saturday Nite Cruise on the first Saturday of June each year, so it is easy to keep it in mind when setting your show calendar. Of course, any Saturday night throughout the year is also a good time to attend the “regular” weekly action. There is never a charge to cruisers or spectators, and with live bands, 8 randomly selected checkered flag winning participants, 75 specialty shops, 8 delicious restaurants, several snack and desert options, 18 thrilling rides, and fun for the whole family you simply can’t go wrong! Old Town also offers a Friday Nite Cruise open to 1973-87 plus newer modified vehicles, and a motorcycle night on Thursday night, so there is something for everyone. For more info about Old Town you can visit their web site at, or call the office at 407-396-4888. CN