Reyes On Tour Photo Spotlight:

"Hemi Under Glass" Funny Car in 1972

photo by Steve Reyes, caption by Aaron Green

Here is a seldom seen car. Many race fans have seen the “Hemi Under Glass” line of Wheelstanders at drag strips over the years. Very few fans ever saw this “Hemi Under Glass” Firebird Funny Car run. The car ran during the 1972 drag racing season at selected racing events. Bob Riggle of “Hemi Under Glass” Wheelstander fame owned the car, with Dale Emery of “Pure Hell” Altered fame doing the driving. It turned a best of a 6.94 elapsed time with a best speed of 211 miles per hour during its 1972 campaign. Then this Firebird disappeared into drag racing history. For professional motorsports photography contact Steve Reyes at