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Reyes On Tour:

Top Fuel Dragsters (Part 1)

story by Aaron Green, photos by Steve Reyes

Welcome to another month of drag racing history here in Mike Kelly's Cruise News, brought to you by award winning photographer Steve Reyes.

This month we will begin a three part visual history of the "King's of the Sport", the AA/Fuel Dragster class, now days known as Top Fuel at major drag racing events around the country. In the 1960's there were lots of independent Top Fuel teams, and Steve Reyes has shots of most of them. Back in the 1960's drag racing was a much different animal than it is today, as very few nitro cars had major dollars behind them. Often times two or three friends would team up and build a car. Most of the time by pooling their resources a few people would get together and field a car. Also, unlike today where very few teams try new, innovative ideas and tend to stick with proven designs with "cookie cutter" type cars, many racers in the 1960's were not afraid to try "unique" designs as you will see in the next few installments of "Reyes on Tour".

So enjoy a trip down memory lane with Steve Reyes as we go back to the "Sizzling Sixties" and the "Golden Age of Drag Racing". CN

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