Reyes On Tour Photo Spotlight:

Top Fueler vs. Jet Dragster in 1966

photo by Steve Reyes, caption by Aaron Green

Here is an unusual photo. This is a typical 1960’s drag racing match up, Jet Dragster versus Top Fuel Dragster. Keep in mind that this shot was taken in the days before Top Fuel cars did “burnouts”. Don Beeman, in the near lane drives Romeo Palamides Jet Dragster in this 1966 night time race at Fremont, California, against the John Edmunds driven Waters & Edmunds Top Fueler. Note the complete lack of a roll cage or roll bar on the Jet Dragster!! If the shot appears a bit unique, it is because it was actually taken with the natural available light at that very moment, no flash was used. For professional motorsports photography contact Steve Reyes at