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Our 20th Anniversary Collage from the center spread of Issue 240 (August, 2014):

Update For February, 2024: We don't usually bring up when someone passes away here in the magazine, for one because it unfortunately happens more often than we'd like these days. Also it would bring up a situation where it would be difficult to decide who would make the "cut" to be noteworthy. After all, everyone is important to others. It is sad to loose long time friends, but we decided a long time ago that the magazine wouldn't be an ongoing obituary column. However, I want to bring up something that we became aware of recently because it involves quite a few car shows that were already scheduled for the future and had listings included in our Coming Attractions section. Larry Dudley, owner of Premium Productions ( passed away from Covid on Saturday, January 13, 2024. So as a result it was requested that we remove all of the Premium Productions events from our magazine, since those shows will of course not be taking place.

I wanted to mention it here because while the Premium Productions listings in the magazine are now removed some people may have already made plans based on listings in our previous magazines, so I wanted to point it out to avoid possible confusion and frustration. On a personal level, we knew Larry since we first started the magazine nearly 30 years ago, and always enjoyed when we would see him at various events. It wasn't that frequent since he lived and produced events in the Pinellas Park area and we are in the general Orlando area, but we always enjoyed crossing paths with Larry. He also had a trophy company for many years and in the early days I actually drew artwork of cars and sold them to Larry for use on his dash plaques, award plaques, etc. At any rate, our condolences go out to all of his family and friends.

Speaking of events listings, there are lots of them included in this month's Coming Attractions section. There are also a bunch of great events with display ads in that section, so check them all out. February is shaping up to be a busy month, so plan which ones interest you and mark them on your events calender. We had some odd weather in January with the temperatures jumping all over the place, so hopefully February will be a bit better. Either way we hope to see you at the car shows and cruise-ins during the upcoming month!

We always look forward to seeing everyone at the various events and cruise-ins. Seeing old friends and meeting new ones are a great part of this hobby. Take care, stay safe....and we'll see you on the streets!

-Michael B. Kelly

The ever popular Classified section was updated with lots of new additions. The Feature Cars section now includes the 1965 Pontiac 2+2 convertible belonging to Fred Stolz.

Event coverage in the Volume 29, Issue 352 printed magazine includes:

  • 25th Mecum Classic Car Auction in Kissimmee.

Plus the printed magazine also includes Kidd Darrin's "Rods & Ends" column about Vehicle Value. The Reyes On Tour photo spotlight features the Fuel Altered of "Wild" Willie Borsch in 1971. And as always we have the best Florida upcoming events listings other interesting items.

Most of the updates to our site will come the first couple of weeks of every month, so be sure and check back often....and keep a smile while cruising! CN


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