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Our 20th Anniversary Collage from the center spread of Issue 240 (August, 2014):

Update For May: I'd like to talk about an aspect of car shows that many people probably haven't thought a whole lot about, and that is vehicle identification. What I mean is, at many car shows there is a registration card that goes on the dash, under the windshield wiper, or hangs from the rearview mirror. Typically the show organizers might use that as a means to indicate your registration number, so that they can link that to who gets an award, or possibly for drawing door prizes and such. But what is also nice is when it also indicates what make, model and year the vehicle is, who the owner is, and their home town. Or an owner can just have a display sign of their own with all of that information, and possibly inform about the specs of the vehicle, interesting facts, etc.

This can serve a couple of good uses. For one, those of us in the hobby that own classic vehicles sometimes take it for granted that others will know what they are looking at. But for the casual car show attendee, they are probably left wondering what vehicle it is that they are admiring as they wander thru any given show. Having that indicated on the registration card is a great way to inform them, and who knows, possibly attract someone new to the hobby. But even for those of us who have been going to car events for decades, with so many obscure models of vehicles out there, it is impossible to know them all just by looking. With it displayed, we can learn as we look.

I'll also admit that in my case, I also like it for when I do show coverage. That way I can walk thru and take some great pictures, and easily know exactly what the year, make and model of the car or truck is for writing a caption, and also get the owner's name so that I can give them credit. At events like the two Daytona Turkey Runs, they have rearview mirror hanger I.D. cards, but not too many people bother to display them. Plus, if the owner isn't around to ask, as much as I like the vehicle if I can't get that info for a caption I'll typically just move on to one that does. I've been asked many, many times what it takes for someone to get their car in the magazine coverage. Well, this is the first and simplest step. Then of course it is just being in the right place at the right time with something that catches our eye.

As always, we look forward to seeing everyone at the various events and cruise-ins. Seeing old friends and meeting new ones are a great part of this hobby. Take care, stay safe....and we'll see you on the streets!

-Michael B. Kelly

The ever popular Classified section was updated with lots of new additions. The Feature Cars section now includes the 1956 Ford F-100 Pickup belonging to Allen and Lyndia Stroud.

Event coverage in the Volume 28, Issue 343 printed magazine includes:

  • Zephyrhills Classic Car Auction & Auto Event
  • Carlisle Events' Winter Collector Car Auction in Lakeland

Plus the printed magazine also includes Kidd Darrin's "Vintage Point" column about Fasteners. The Reyes On Tour photo spotlight features East vs. West Coast Gassers in Fremont, California. And as always we have the best Florida upcoming events listings other interesting items.

Most of the updates to our site will come the first couple of weeks of every month, so be sure and check back often....and keep a smile while cruising! CN


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