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Our 20th Anniversary Collage from the center spread of Issue 240 (August, 2014):

Update For June, 2024: Well, here we are in June already. The first day of summer is officially June 20th, but you can bet it "feels" like summer well before that. In fact, as I write this column it is still mid May due to production lead times, and already we just had temperatures in central Florida that went up into the mid to high 90's. And I'm talking about the actual thermometer reading, not the "feels like temperature" that the weather people seem to want to force onto us these days. I won't bother going into how I feel about that trend, but let's just say I'm not a fan.

We have also had what seems like was a pretty dry last few months. I know the grass at the house was hoping for some rain to help green it up.....but at least it also wasn't needing to be mowed that often. All of that will change during June, I'm sure.

OK, now the point of me bringing up the temperatures and the increased rain chances was actually to try and encourage everyone to not let it get them down, or keep them from doing something they want. I can't tell you the number of times in the past that we have not gone somewhere because of a chance of rain.....and then it didn't rain after all. It felt like a missed opportunity, for sure. Now, if they are predicting a monsoon obviously do the smart thing and stay home. But for those times when the rain percentage isn't too bad don't let it keep you at home, when you could go out and enjoy yourself. Most times in Florida even if it does wind up raining it isn't for that long really. Have something to dry your car or truck off with once the rain stops (my personal favorite is the Absorber synthetic chamois), and it usually isn't that big of a deal and only a slight inconvenience.

As I've said before concerning the heat aspect, one way some people choose to approach things is to sometimes switch things up. Instead of necessarily going out to a car show all day some choose to go to a cruise-in, many of which are held more in the evening hours. Or a new trend that has been going on for a few years are the cars and coffee type cruise-ins, which allow people to hang out together in the morning before the heat kicks in. Regardless of what you choose to do, we hope to cross paths with as many of our readers as possible. Because the bottom line is we all just want to get out and play with our cars and trucks.

We always look forward to seeing everyone at the various events and cruise-ins. Seeing old friends and meeting new ones are a great part of this hobby. Take care, stay safe....and we'll see you on the streets!

-Michael B. Kelly

The ever popular Classified section was updated with lots of new additions. The Feature Cars section now includes the 1955 Chevy Bel Air belonging to Berto Cruz.

Event coverage in the Volume 29, Issue 356 printed magazine includes:

  • 34th Annual Spring Daytona Turkey Run

Plus the printed magazine also includes Kidd Darrin's "Vintage Point" column about Automotive Ideas That Have Been Over Invented & Overdone. The Reyes On Tour photo spotlight features the Carroll Bros. Top Fuel Dragster. And as always we have the best Florida upcoming events listings other interesting items.

Most of the updates to our site will come the first couple of weeks of every month, so be sure and check back often....and keep a smile while cruising! CN


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