Mark McLin's 1963 Plymouth Fury
(from Volume 18, Issue 198)

Mark McLin has owned several collector cars, and tends to lean towards early and unusual muscle cars - having a particularly soft spot for the 1961 to 1965 variety. So it is no wonder that he fell in love with this 1963 Plymouth Fury while attending last year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas, where it was on display. After talking for a while, Mark left by saying, “If you’re ever going to sell it, give me a call”. Low and behold, he received that phone call, and the Fury wound up finding a new home in Groveland, Florida.

The car was built with a Pro Touring agenda in mind, and as such it combines old school looks with modern components to wind up with an all around capable car. The body was kept basically stock, retaining all of the trim, right down to the vertical hood ornament. The sheet metal however was massaged by the pros at Kustom Colors before applying DuPont bright red paint and five coats of clear, then buffing it all to a mirror-like shine.

While checking out the exterior, most notice the “6.1 Hemi” badge on the front fenders, and popping the hood reveals that sure enough it packs a 6.1 liter (370 cubic inch) engine out of a 2010 Dodge Charger SRT-8. Not only does the motor now sport a cam upgrade (boosting it beyond the stock 425hp), meticulous attention to detail was given to the engine bay to make sure that all of the wiring is hidden, and hoses are routed down and out of sight. The builders even went so far as to raise the intake manifold a half-inch so that the coil packs could be hidden underneath, and fabricated some cool custom valve covers that give it a more traditional hot rod look. Keeping it cool is a big aluminum radiator and electric fan, which reportedly never lets the engine climb over 190 degrees, even if you have to traverse an Arizona desert in the summer with the A/C blasting to get to your final destination.

Shifting duties are handled by a 727 TorqueFlite 3-speed automatic with a 2,500 stall converter, which in turn twists the driveshaft back to the 8.75 inch rear end, that has been narrowed to accommodate the wide rear tires. Super Stock leaf springs were also installed out back, but moved inboard to clear the big tires. Lowering blocks out back and a set of dropped spindles up front give the car an aggressive rake, without going so low that it can’t be easily driven, and without the need for an air suspension system. New gas shocks were fitted all around, as well as a thick front sway bar, and for plenty of stopping power Wilwood cross-drilled discs found their way to all four corners. Rolling stock is comprised of 18x9 inch front, and 19x10 inch rear Intro wheels that were custom built for this application.

Again, with the intent of the car being actually driven, lots of insulation and sound deadening material was used inside. First the floors were covered in Rhino-Lining bed liner material, then a layer of Dynamat, then a layer of Luxury Pro liner on top of that. Though the car retains the original AM radio in the dash for retro looks, the quiet ride is appreciated when the 800-watt AM/FM/CD/XM/iPod stereo system hidden in the glove box comes to life when cruising down the road. Passengers enjoy the music while riding on red leather upholstery, which was kept stock in appearance. The stock push-button controls for the transmission were also retained, and though the gauges are modern, their white face, red needles, and Plymouth lettering give a vintage feel.

Mark bought the car to go on this year’s Hot Rod Power Tour (which starts on June 4th, 2011 out of Port Canaveral), and I’m sure it is going to be a hoot behind the wheel of his ‘63 Fury. Combining vintage looks with modern performance, the car can not only cruise the highway all day, and blast down a straight road with authority, it can also weave its way through the twisty sections with sure-footed confidence as well. With the reception it has already received at various car shows and cruise-ins, it is also sure to put a smile on lots of faces all along the way en route to the Power Tour’s final destination of Detroit, Michigan. Have fun, Mark! CN