Curt Gosman's 1965 Chevy Biscayne
(from Volume 24, Issue 286)

story by Josh Gosman, photos by Michael B. Kelly


When we began this build ten years ago as a father son team, along with a few of my dad’s friends, in a small two lift garage we had no idea the car would get this much recognition. We really just wanted to build something simple and clean. My dad, Curt Gosman, found the car in Iowa, and it was very solid. We pulled it off the trailer and started the build. We cleaned up the motor by adding Billet Specialities pulleys, valve covers, a new intake and carb, along with a Billet Specialities air cleaner. We removed the heater and made a block-off plate for the firewall. We painted the firewall black, plus treated the entire frame to POR 15 paint. We cut the springs to get the stance we were looking for and put it on a set of grey Coy wheels. We got all of that accomplished the first winter, and we were pleased with what we did.

As the Indiana winters came each year, it was time to build the car up a little more and more. So over the next few winters my dad and I spent countless hours in the shop getting the car where it is today. The Biscayne is powered by a 402 big block Chevy with aluminum heads, Inglese Sidedraft F.A.S.T fuel injection system, Headman headers, and Flowmaster stainless steel mufflers that gives the car a really great sound. Of course the “Thumper Cam” from Comp Cams also gives the car that rumble which turns heads. At that point we also removed the Turbo 400, and replaced it with a mildly built 700R4.

Replacing the previous cut coils, we then used air suspension from Ride Tech to get the exact stance we wanted. Slammed! Combined with a set of new Billet Specialities rims (18x8-inch in the front and 20x10-inch in the rear) we were able get the car to sit right. We had the rear end and other suspension parts powder coated a gun metal gray to keep the undercarriage clean.

Everyone that sees the car thinks it’s beautiful, and it really is, but the story behind the car is much more. In 2014 my dad and I decide to go to Goodguys in Columbus Ohio, where we entered the car into the Homebuilt Heaven category for fun, thinking “Why not? Our car is homebuilt”. On Saturday we parked the car in the morning and I did my detailing touches to it, then we went walking around. When we came back to the car I asked my dad how we would know if we had been judged, and he explained that if you were picked they put a sticker on the front headlight. I got up from my chair and checked the headlight, and I said “Dad you’re not going to believe this!”, he responded, “No way!”, and then I confirmed “Yes sir, we got picked!”. It was really an unbelievable feeling! We were both on top the world, to be picked at such a big event was an honor. All the hard work really paid off. My dad and I agreed that we would come back the next year. So in 2015 we went back and dad and I talked about entering the car into the Builder’s Choice category. We thought we didn’t have a chance, but that it would be fun. We pull in on Friday and park next to a $350,000 pro built car. We were way out of our league, but it was awesome to see the attention the car was getting, and it made us feel good. Saturday morning comes around, we parked the car, and I polished it up like I always do, until dad says “That’s good enough”. We did our usual, and checked out the vendors, then came back to the car. I look up at my dad and he says, “NO WAY!”. I said, “Oh yea we did!”, and gave him the biggest hug. We got picked for a huge honor among pro builders. It was such an amazing feeling, and we still get excited to this day thinking about it.

In 2016 my mother and father moved to Parrish Florida, so dad and I looked for a big show and found the NSRA Southeast Nationals in Tampa. We went just to have a good time, which we certainly had since we received a Pro’s Pick at the show. It was yet another great moment for my dad and I. We decided to go back in 2018, so I flew in from Indiana and we went to the show to just spend some much needed time together. We arrived at the show on Friday, came back to the car after checking out other hot rods, to find that Mike Kelly’s Cruise News had left a note that they wanted to photo the car for their magazine. When we found out the Kellys were a father son team like us, it was awesome. We were truly honored to be picked by the magazine. Saturday morning came and we picked the perfect spot to park, shined up the car and we were lucky enough to also be picked by the NSRA again, this time for the F.A.S.T. Revolution Award.

My father and I have made so many memories, and I will cherish them for a lifetime. It’s not just a hot rod, it’s not just a car, it’s a truly amazing ride that I don’t want to ever stop! Winning awards aside, the amount of time my father and I have spent together building this Biscayne together is worth more than anything. -Josh Gosman