John & Robert Sheffey's Muscular Mustangs (1966 & 1967)

Many great things have been passed down in families from generation to generation. Be it heirlooms, a business, wealth, and so on. In the case of Robert and John Sheffey it's a love of cars, as they both own muscular Mustangs. John is also the head chef at Sharon's Homestyle Cooking, the family's restaurant on 4905 S. Orange Avenue in Orlando, but at the end of the day the duo really look forward to traveling to events together, and spending days at the drag strip.

With the help of his father, younger rodder John Sheffey put together his silver pro street 1967 Mustang Fastback. The pair did everything but the engine assembly, paint and upholstery, with impressive results. Under the hood now lies a late-model 5.0 roller block, which was the handy work of Powered By Ford in Orlando, and is dressed with braided lines, and a tasteful amount of chromed and polished goodies. While it retains the factory crank and rods, Powered By Ford worked the pistons to fit the combustion chambers of the new TFS Street Heat heads. A Crower Cams bump stick actuates the Harland Sharp 1.6:1 roller rockers, which in turn open the 2.02 intake valves and 1.60 exhaust valves. The mixture is fed through a Barry Grant 750 cfm double-pumper four barrel which sits atop an Edelbrock Victor Junior 302 intake. But air and fuel are not all that make it into the mix, as the motor is also plumbed up with a dual stage nitrous kit, adding 225 horses to the wild Mustang at the touch of a button.

To handle the extra power being produced the drivetrain was also beefed up. A C4 automatic was treated to a shift improvement kit, trans brake, and a GER 3,800 stall converter. The car was back-halved, replacing the stock items with a modified ladder bar/wish bone suspension fit with HAL coil over shocks securing the 9-inch rear end fitted with 3.90 gears. For more grip mini tubs were installed to house the wide 28x13.5 inch Mickey Thompson Sportsman Pro rear tires on the 15x10 inch Centerline Convo Pro rims.

The exterior of the car was also given its fair share of attention as well. The door handles have been removed, a 3-inch cowl hood was added, and all the panels were made super straight. The silver color really sets off the lines of the car, and minimal bright trim was left for a modern look. Due to the car's intentions, inside you'll find a full roll cage, harness seat belts, race style shifter, and an assortment of gauges to monitor the engine's vital signs. However, you'll also find blue tweed upholstery with matching blue carpet that lends some comforts to the cockpit during street use.

Yes indeed, the car does get driven around on the street, and the limits pushed at the drag strip. On a recent trip to Orlando Speed World the car made a 30 mile cruise to the track, and after just a few minutes for cool down it ran an impressive 11.20 at 118 mph. That's the kind of spirit that inspired the "IPLA 2WN" personalized license plate surrounded by an NMRA (National Mustang Racers Association) bezel.

Robert, the patriarch of the Sheffey clan, also put together an impressive car in his pro street 1966 Mustang, which is a Hurst-Shelby clone. It is powered by a 289 engine fitted with 351 race ported heads, a Victor Junior manifold, and 650 Race Demon carb. A complete MSD ignition system with adjustable timing retard lights the candles, and the laughing gas is also included on his package, pumping in an additional 120 horse power thanks to an NOS fogger system. A reverse valve body, trans brake, and 3,500 stall converter were added to the C4 automatic transmission, which routes back to a narrowed 9-inch Ford fitted with .456 gears. Weld Rod-Lite wheels wear a set of 18x31 inch Hoosiers out back, and accent the black paint. Inside you'll find in-dash silver faced Auto Meter gauges, while the finishing upholstery touches are still in the works.

Be it whipping up tasty dishes at the family's restaurant, or cooking down the quarter mile, you can bet that John and Robert Sheffey enjoy it as a family affair. And this family that runs together has fun together. CN