Parking Info

NOTE: The trailer parking location has changed, and will now take place in the metered spots on the south side of the hotel. Please ask one of the show staff to assist you in parking your trailer, as we will have to make very good use of the available space. Do not park your trailer accross the street in the grass field where we used to, as that belongs to the La Quinta hotel.

First and foremost we'd like to sincerely thank the volunteers who help us with parking the vehicles (Billy Craft, Ed Fitzpatrick and Mike Allen). It is no small task....and we appreciate their efforts VERY much. Several years ago we modified the way promenade parking is handled, and it has gone smoothly ever since. We'd also like to give a big "THANK YOU" to Bob Arnold and Jack Messemer, who helped us for many, many years....but had to step down after the 2013 show. Their help and friendship have always meant so much to us!

We utilize all of the magenta colored areas in the map below to park show vehicles.

About 50 vehicles fit into the landscaped promenade area, which are handled on a first come, first served basis. As vehicles arrive (some as early as Wednesday), we will ask upon arrival if the owner wants to park in the promenade. The first 50 that say “Yes” will be given a voucher. We will start parking vehicles in the promenade on Friday. Remember, once inside the promenade vehicles must remain parked there until after the awards on Sunday. Since we only have 200 total spots (counting the promenade and parking in the car show areas of the parking lots), we have to use them wisely.

As we begin to start pulling cars into the promenade we will ask that you please stay with your vehicle, but DO NOT start your engine until you are instructed by those helping us with the show that it is your turn to enter the promenade area. This will eliminate any chance for vehicle overheating, and should help make it a stress-free procedure of parking the vehicles in the promenade (which is time consuming due to the attention each vehicle must be given in situating it among the tropical landscaping, so bear with us). Please keep in mind that once parked in the promenade area you will likely be “boxed in”, and will not be able to move your vehicle until after the awards at 2:30 pm on Sunday. So if this is not something you are comfortable with you should park in the regular parking lots.

Trailer parking will take place in the grass area directly across from the host hotel, on the other side of A1A. Absolutely no trailers should be in the show area, or in the hotel's regular parking lot.